Special SHINOBUE Workshop by Mr. Yasukazu KANO (5)


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Mr. Yasukazu KANO

Born in Tokyo in 1963, Kano started playing the drums at age 13. In 1984 he moved to NYC to pursue his career in business, and in 1987 he returned to Japan to pursue his passion for music. He moved to Sado island to join the internationally renowned Taiko drumming group, KODO. As a taiko drummer and bamboo flute player for KODO, Kano has performed in over a thousand venues worldwide including Carnegie Hall, Berlin Philharmonic Hall and Theatre de la Ville in Paris. In 1997, he left KODO to start his own career as a bamboo flute player.
Kano draws his musical inspiration from the beautiful nature of Sado Island. He can make the Japanese bamboo flute sing like the birds and sound like the ocean breeze and the forest wind. Kano’s melodies are simple and expressive, and his original compositions showcase the
blend of traditional and modern, incorporating Japanese scales and rhythms, jazz improvisation, African rhythms and classical music. Kano is always eager to explore new possibilities in music, and welcomes opportunities to collaborate with artists across the musical spectrum.
He also shares his love for music through lectures, demonstrations and workshops for children, adults and educators worldwide. His lectures are conducted both in English and Japanese, and the topics include making bamboo whistles, drumming and improvisation.
He has produced several albums including his own debut album “Fish Dance” (2005/Yamaha), and “Kaze Utau (The wind sings)” (2006/Yamaha). These albums feature Kano’s compositions written for Japanese flute, piano, guitar, double bass, percussion, strings, Guzheng (Chinese
harp) and Tsugaru-Shamisen (Japanese Banjo).

(A) Schedule & Fees:

(1) Friday, 17th June 2016

19:00-22:00 ①INTRO (S$150 incl. a plastic SHINOBUE & teaching DVD) *Anyone can join

(2) Saturday, 18th June 2016

10:00-13:00 ②STEP-UP (S$100) *You need to join the intro session in order to join this session.

14:00-17:00 ③FUN WITH TAIKO (S$140 incl. new DVD score book by Mr. Kano, S$20/TAIKO)

19:00-22:00 ④MEMBERS' SESSION-BASICS (S$140 incl. new DVD score book by Mr. Kano, S$100 if you already have one) *ONLY FOR SHINOBUE-NO-KAI members

(3) Sunday, 19th June 2016

10:00-13:00 ⑤MEMBERS' SESSION-INTENSIVE (S$100) *ONLY FOR SHINOBUE-NO-KAI members with certain level (Please contact me if you wish to join this session.)


20:00- JAMMING SESSION by KANO-san & SA TRIO(sample video) (S$20 for transport and door donation for the event)

*We will arrange a transport from HIBIKIYA to the venue.

Teaching DVD for the Intro session

New Score book with DVD for the Fun with Taiko & Membership session

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Jun 17 - Jun 19, 2016
[ Fri ] - [ Sun ]
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM SGT
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Only Intro (①)incl. a plastic SHINOBUE & teaching DVD $150.00
Intro + Step-Up (①②)incl. a plastic SHINOBUE, teaching DVD $250.00
Full Package for new comers (①②③) incl. a plastic SHINOBUE, teaching DVD, new DVD score book & Jamming session / U.P $410 $370.00
only STEP-UP (only for past WS participants) $100.00
Only Members' session (Basic④) incl. New DVD score book $140.00
Review Package (③④) incl. New DVD score book & Jamming Session $240.00
Members' Sessions (④⑤)incl. New DVD score book & Jamming Session $240.00
Members' Package for 3 sessions (③④⑤) incl. the new DVD score book & Jamming Session / U.P $360 $300.00
Members' Package for 3 sessions (④⑤⑥) incl. the new DVD score book & Jamming Session / U.P S$360 $300.00
Members' Package for 4 sessions (①②③④)incl. New DVD score book and Jamming session / U.P $460 $390.00
Members' Package for 4 sessions (③④⑤⑥)incl. New DVD score book and Jamming Session / U.P $460 $400.00
Full Package for Members(all 6 sessions) incl. new DVD score book & Jamming Session / U.P $660 $570.00
only TAIKO (③⑥) $40.00
only Jamming session $20.00
only SHAMISEN (⑥)SHAMISEN-TO-KOTO-NO-KAI members only $20.00
only Fun With Taiko (③)incl. New DVD score book $140.00

On sale until Jun 19, 2016, 10:00:00 PM

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